I am SO excited about Stampin’ Up!’s new product line – This and That. Why? Well, because it gets back to the heart of scrapbooking – collecting keepsakes, photos, quotes, and memories all in one spot, all while moving at the speed of life. Because that’s what tends to get in the way of my scrapbooking – life. I have a million things going on, just like most everyone else, but I come across moments that take my breath away or make me laugh or just something special and sweet that I want to remember in the midst of the chaos. And This and That allows me to capture that on the fly. It’s portable, so it can be right there for me – whenever I need it. And there’s not a lot of fuss – I can make it as fancy or as plain as I’d like.

My This and That is on it’s way and I’m so excited to start using it. You can check out it out for yourself HERE.